EcoPositive is our range of eco-friendly packaging solutions that includes a vast assortment of products made from sustainable glass and plastic. Our EcoPositive line is the result of research that began over 15 years ago, and that continues to evolve based on three different approaches.


These products come from the recycling of glass and plastic from external supply chains, certified for pharmaceutical use. Chemical and mechanical processing of recycled materials allows regeneration of the raw material – glass granules or powder – that forms the basis of the new processing cycle.

  • Type of product: bottle
  • Available materials: recycled PET, partially recycled Type II and Type III glass


These products come from the use of raw materials of plant origin, which means they are fully renewable and derived exclusively from sources not intended for human consumption. The processing and transformation of these raw materials then yields the components needed to create the polymer, starting a new cycle of plastic production.

  • Type of product: bottles, TE closures
  • Available materials: green PE, green PP


These are products obtained by processing and reintroducing waste elements into the production cycle, such as carbon dioxide, which through a chemical process can be captured and transformed into molecules that make up the polymer structure of plastics.

  • Type of product: bottle
  • Available materials: Carbon Capture PET

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