AccuRec is a drug reconstitution system composed of a high-performance cap designed to contain the API and a bottle to contain the solvent. Due to the two separate chambers, the active ingredients and solvent are protected and the product’s shelf life is extended. The design is conceived to ensure process repeatability, product safety, and ease of use.

  • Easy-to-use mechanism to minimise errors during the reconstitution
  • Flexible solution with different product configurations to meet all the different formulation needs
  • EcoPositive® version available, manufactured in recycled PET, recycled HDPE
  • Effective go-to-market platform, able to reduce the market timing thanks to the activation of a network involving different players in the value chain, such as CMOs, filling machine producers and others

Product Range Features

  • Application: pharmaceutical products to be reconstituted
  • Neck finish: PFP 28, PFP 35
  • Powder capacity: 4cc, 10cc, 30cc
  • Bottle volume: from 30ml to 500ml

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