Safe&Easy is a high-end, all-in-one packaging solution to administer oral liquid drugs as paediatric syrups, composed of a bottle with a plug, a child-resistant closure and a dosing syringe. The kit has been designed to ensure safety and functionality, guaranteeing easy use for caregivers and secure administration for patients.

  • Complete and integrated packaging already chosen by the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies
  • Dosing system preventing neck finish crystallisation and spillage
  • EcoPositive® bottle version available, manufactured in pharma-grade recycled PET

Product Range Features

  • Application: oral liquid
  • Neck finish: PFP 28
  • Bottle volume: from 30ml to 200ml
  • Format options: locked plug, compatible with modified PFP28 neck finish bottles, or inserted plug, compatible with standard PFP28 neck finish bottles, both glass and plastic
  • Pre-assembling options: plug pre-assembled with closure
  • Dosing syringe: 5-10ml

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