In clinical supply management there is no constant as change will happen and is prevalent in clinical supply chains.

Most changes occur in two critical areas, clinical trials and product assumptions. Clinical trial assumptions start to become formulated before they reach the supply chain group. Through iterations of study designs, site and recruitment assumptions, and participating countries, the information transfers though many individuals in a game of ‘whisper down the supply chain’. As a result, pre-study assumptions are rarely proven to be accurate and change can and will occur.

The ISS Platform enables the user to make fast changes throughout the system. The enterprise resource planning (ERP) section can instantly assess the impact of changes in product expiry and production yields. Biologics often have batch yields different (typically lower) to the theoretical yield.

During the life of a trial, we expect things to change; a country, new site, or patients may be added. Innovative Supply Solutions’ system can adapt to those factors and more in minutes. While some systems may support some supply activities, the fully integrated ISS Platform provides extensive end-to-end functionality allowing for quick assessment of a proposed change before it is implemented.

Managing change is one of the key principles the company focused on when designing its supply chain software. In this process, there is no better way than to assume there will be many changes throughout a trial. The team dedicated as much time in developing system functionality as it did on system efficiency.

Assessing the potential impact of a change on product demand, timing, and cost is important. ISS have been quantifying those changes using its technology for years. Not only can it quantify these key points quickly, but within the ISS Platform comprehensive reports are live, up to date, and available at the push of a button. The net result frees the user to focus on strategy and not data entry.