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Innovative Packaging Solutions and Applications for Pharmaceuticals

Gaplast: Development and Production of Innovative Packaging and Medical Devices for Pharma and Medical Applications (made in Germany since 1989)


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“Novel solutions for all senses”: Our passion drives us to develop and manufacture superior packaging solutions and applications for the pharma and medical industries.

With standard products, customised models tailored to customer requirements, and even new developments from scratch, we support our customers at every phase of the packaging development process using our intellectual property, which includes more than 100 patents and various cutting-edge polyolefin processing technologies.

Our more than 35 years of experience allow us to create innovative and safe products to meet the high demands of the pharma and medical markets. We focus on high quality, precision, and compliance in both development and production.

Primary packaging for the pharmaceutical industry – production capabilities and tooling shop expertise

As a trusted partner in the pharmaceutical industry, Gaplast understands the sector’s exacting standards and unique requirements. Our advanced production capabilities provide consistently high levels of quality for the following three distinct technologies, allowing us to respond flexibly to customer needs and deliver custom-developed solutions. Our coextrusion assets are specifically designed to produce multilayer AirlessMotion® bag-in-bottle systems, offering a broad range of sizes with custom options available upon request.

Cutting-edge production facility for pharma packaging solutions and medical devices
Particle monitoring and microbiological control throughout production
Highly automated production halls without cardboard boxes or pallets in the production environment
Hygiene locks between production environment and logistics
Cleanroom production according to ISO 14644 Class 8 for drug device systems like the implant syringe

Our injection blow-molding machines can produce small-volume monolayer bottles with precise necks. Furthermore, our injection molding machines can produce a wide range of closure systems, from simple one-piece designs for effervescent tablets to complex, multi-component systems such as our implant injection system, known for its precision and repeatability.

Our tool shop and maintenance expertise allow us to produce small blow molds and small injection molds, prototype molds, and spare parts that meet high hygiene standards and industry requirements. Additionally, we adjust production tools as needed and provide on-site sampling. Our maintenance services ensure your equipment remains in excellent condition.

High quality standards for pharma packaging and medical devices

Quality is fundamental to all areas of our business, with clearly defined quality objectives and a commitment to constant improvement.

The system certifications of ISO 15378 and ISO 9001, as well as particle monitoring and microbiological control throughout production, ensure the consistency and reliability of our quality and production processes.

Qualification and validation are also crucial aspects of our quality assurance, with machines, tools, equipment, and production processes all thoroughly tested. We also offer guidance on sterilization processes and connect clients with appropriate partners.

Custom development as Gaplast’s extra plus

Gaplast specialises in creating innovative packaging solutions. Our diverse team of material researchers, developers, designers, project managers, and toolmakers ensures that we offer a comprehensive range of services, including idea generation, prototyping, serial production, and assembly, all tailored to meet our customers’ unique needs.

In addition, we have a network of partners and service providers who assist us in developing and manufacturing hygienic and sterile packaging and application systems.

Sustainability- a driver of innovation

Gaplast perceives sustainability as a driving force for innovation—an ongoing process. Consequently, we have addressed numerous initiatives and made significant progress in recent years. Prioritising sustainability has become integral to our business strategy. This includes developing practical packaging solutions, reducing emissions, and creating a positive work environment for our employees.

We are confident that our efforts will lead to an improved quality of life for all in the long run. While we are a globally oriented, family-owned business, we are also committed to making a substantial impact locally. Many of our ongoing initiatives directly align with specific goals outlined in the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which we have incorporated into our internal action plans.

Products & services

  • AirlessMotion® ‒ Airless Bag-in-Bottle System

    Gaplast's versatile AirlessMotion® solution is ideal for pharmaceutical and medical needs, particularly for preservative-free formulations and 360°application convenience. It consists of a rigid outer container and an incredibly thin and flexible bag that effectively safeguards the formulation against chemical, physical, and microbiological contamination. The airless dispenser ensures a high evacuation rate, even for highly viscous formulations.

  • Implant Syringe ‒ Ready-to-Fill Drug Device System

    Gaplast's implant syringe is a ready-to-fill injection device suitable for the placement of rod-shaped, long-acting (retarding) biodegradable implants. After subcutaneous administration, these are intended to gradually release their active ingredient into the tissue and then into the patient’s bloodstream. The implant syringe finds predominant applications in hormone therapies, notably in the fields of prostate and breast cancer treatments, long-term contraception, fertility, and anti-aging.

  • MultiDose ‒ High-Precision Monolayer Bottles

    Gaplast's MultiDose system is a range of small-volume monolayer IBM (injection blow-moulded) bottles (5ml, 10ml, 20ml and 30ml) with high-precision necks that can be combined with different dispensing systems. These high-quality bottles are primarily used for atmospheric pharma applications but are suitable even for preservative-free formulations.

  • Consumer-Friendly Container Closure Systems

    Gaplast's container closure systems consist of precision-engineered plastic closures coupled with high-quality containers or tubes made of plastic, glass, or aluminium. This combination creates a sophisticated packaging solution for various consumer products, such as dietary supplements, pharmaceuticals and CBD products.

  • Airless Cartridge and Cap for Soft Mist Inhaler Devices

    Gaplast’s airless cartridge and cap are the core components of soft mist inhaler (SMI) devices. The bag-in-bottle cartridge serves as a container for filling pharmaceutical products, such as generics, biologics or active pharmaceuticals ingredients, and is placed in the SMI device. It offers the best possible product protection for medications which are suitable for treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), bronchial asthma, and other lung disease.

Wurmansauer Straße 22
Saulgrub, Altenau

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