Gaplast’s MultiDose system is a range of small-volume monolayer IBM (injection blow-moulded) bottles (5ml, 10ml, 20ml and 30ml) with high-precision necks that can be combined with different dispensing systems. These high-quality bottles are primarily used for atmospheric pharma applications but are suitable even for preservative-free formulations.

The squeezable bottles using dropper systems allow precise and intuitive dispensing. Providing a complete packaging solution from a single source, we also offer droppers and overcaps with TE bands for product integrity during storage.

For combination with pump systems (20mm snap-on neck), we have developed a version with a patented cross-profile bottom for HDPE bottles (10ml, 20ml and 30ml), optimised for eg. nasal sprays with superior spray pattern. It provides numerous benefits, including enhancing the pump assembly process, preventing failures from bent dip tubes, and offering increased user friendliness with constant high residual quantities.