Innovative technologies and Changing Regulatory Directives

Phlexglobal has announced that it is joining fellow experts at DIA’s eDM Clinical and Regulatory Operations Forum.

Electronic trial masrer files (eTMF) and regulatory submissions are entering a new era. Are we prepared to utilise innovative technologies and adapt to changing regulatory directives? Phlexglobal’s chief strategy officer Karen Roy is thrilled to discuss practical solutions and ways to adapt to innovative technologies.

Taking place from 29-30 November at the Fairmont Rey Juan Carlos hotel in Barcelona, the event builds upon and replaces previous DIA eDM and Identification of Medicinal Products (IDMP) conferences. It will focus on how can the industry can adapt to this digital era by embracing working solutions and partnerships.

This highly interactive forum will enable visitors to perform complex tasks to high operational standards, shortening turnaround times and reducing queries and re-creation in their development programmes.

In addition, the conference provides multiple opportunities for networking, knowledge sharing and education for all attendees.


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