On 1 September 2008, the previously announced consolidation of the pharmaceutical contract manufacturers and developers AMAREG, Wülfing Pharma and Haupt Pharma, comes into force. This will create the most powerful company in its sector in Europe, with around 1500 employees and a turnover of €180 million.

The merger decision was already announced in June of this year by Invita AG, the sole shareholder in the three companies. The consolidated company will be trading under the internationally established brand name of Haupt Pharma, with the Gronau firm of Wülfing Pharma using the name Haupt Pharma Wülfing, and the Regensburg company AMAREG being known as Haupt Pharma Amareg.

After the merger, the group will have a broad range of manufacturing technologies at its disposal. As a result of its better market setup, Haupt Pharma will be able to generate further growth, strengthen its individual locations for the future and secure jobs over the long term.

“Through the consolidation with AMAREG and Wülfing Pharma, we are now ideally placed to carry out the first step of further expanding our European business and then improve our market position in the USA and Japan,” says Hans-Christian Semmler, chairman of Haupt Pharma. “The companies will complement each other perfectly, creating promising opportunities for the Haupt Pharma group, which we will turn to account together,” he adds.