High performance and efficiency are important aspects for a successful collaboration in contract manufacturing.

To continue to be a competent contact partner for our customers in the future, Haupt Pharma Brackenheim has added an ultra-modern packaging line from Uhlmann to its equipment fleet.

The high-performance blister packaging machine B1660 is able to work a single, two or even three lanes, with a central operating system best suited to our performance requirements. All current types of film, such as PVC/ALU, ALU/ALU and PVDC/ALU, can be processed.

The C 2504 cartoner is the fastest in its class and is characterised by a performance of up to 500 folding cartons per minute, combined with a minimum changeover time. Additionally this cartoner brings the highest degree of flexibility, which is crucial in pharmaceutical contract manufacturing for meeting all customer requirements.

After successful qualification, all employees received comprehensive training from an expert team from Uhlmann.

This extension to our capacity underlines our company’s competitiveness in contract packaging at the highest level of technology.