Haupt Pharma Amareg has put a new Uhlmann blister line into operation for packaging cytostatics and immunosuppressives. This line allows the packaging of tablets or capsules in PVC/PVDC aluminium or alternatively in aluminium / aluminium blisters.

The blister packing on the Uhlmann B1240 deep-drawing machine is synchronised, so that a set-up with up to five lanes can produce up to 350 blisters a minute. The Uhlmann C150 cartoning machine also operates synchronised and is – with a capacity of up to 150 cycles per minute – perfectly adjusted to the blister unit output.

As a result of the installation of this line, the free capacities at Haupt Pharma Amareg for blisters of the special forms referred to have been significantly increased. As the new blister line replaces two previous packing lines, additional space has been created for the establishment of new production technologies.