Haupt Pharma expands its production line for high potent drugs. By engaging in a cooperation with Siegfried Generics Malta the company is now also active on Malta and will extend its expertise there to specialization on the production of high potent APIs and hormones. The production site on Malta will enable Haupt Pharma a much faster market launch for generic drugs. Through the partnership with Siegfried Generics the company can brace its long-term focus for international requirements and markets.

By expanding to Malta the company consequently pursues one of its strategic goals: concentration on core competences. These include specialization of production sites as well as production of complex drugs with high demands, for example through the increase in capacity of dedicated areas for the production of high potent drugs.

The Malta site also offers a particular advantage: European patents are only valid on Malta since March 1st 2007, which means that drugs which are still patent-protected in other European countries can be manufactured here. All products patented in Europe before March 1st 2007 can be manufactured on Malta without infringing current patents.

Thus drugs can be launched directly on the first day after patent expiry. This allows Haupt Pharma to be a proficient partner with shortest reaction time for its clients and to strengthen its position in pharmaceutical contract manufacturing. The Malta production site offers Haupt Pharma further capacities and a reliable value chain for the generics market within the European Union.

Siegfried Generics Malta Ltd has got all the necessary authorizations from the Medical Association of Malta (MAM) and started commercial production in April 2007.