EKICART® is a patented nutraceutical for maintaining healthy joints and to support flexible movement.

Ekicart is also used to meet the increased need for nutrients of the musculoskeletal system at high load and in the growth phase.

Active ingredients

Ekicart contains a broad spectrum of natural antioxidants that permanently neutralizes the free radicals causing tissue damage. The oxidative stress is reduced and resistance of the cartilage cells is improved.

Ekicart contains free amino acids and glucosamine as basic building blocks in its smallest possible form because the cartilage is fed by synovial fluid through diffusion.

Nanometre sized layers of extracellular matrix are built daily. The extracellular matrix transforms into cartilage with the help of the right co-factors. Where there is wear and tear of cartilage, this leads to recovery.

Ekicart is administered for three months at 50 g/day or one measuring scoop at night in the food. Normal mobility is recovered.

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