Patheon, the pharmaceutical services business owned by DPx Holdings BV, has announced the launch of its updated programme Quick to Clinic™, making it the only CDMO to offer customers an accelerated 12-week clinical trial material programme with stability data, with a variety of flexible dosage forms.

The Quick to Clinic offering includes a month of clinical trial stability studies, provides customers access to six flexible dosage forms and decreases the wait-time from receipt of API for clinical trial materials for First in Human trials by one month. Patheon customers can now receive high-quality phase one clinical trial materials in as few as 12 weeks and with stability data, delivering maximum speed and without compromising quality.

The six Quick to Clinic dosage forms offered by Patheon include blend in capsule, API in capsule, blend in bottle, API in bottle, oral liquid and softgel.

With expansive resources and expertise, Quick to Clinic offers customers the ability to meet their unique scientific requirements with capabilities spanning from formulation development and manufacturing to clinical packaging and distribution.

Patheon president, PDS and executive vice president, global sales and marketing Mike Lehmann said: "We are excited about the enhanced Quick to Clinic programme and the benefit that it will provide to our customers.

"We are now the only CDMO that can offer customers a 12-week clinical trial programme that delivers maximum speed, but does not compromise quality."

Quick to Clinic was first launched in 2009, and Patheon has refreshed the programme and expanded it to include its sites in Cincinnati, Ohio; Milton Park, UK; Tilburg, the Netherlands; and Toronto, Ontario.