Pierre Fabre Medicament - active ingredient division - has recently enlarged its Drug Delivery Technology portfolio based on its knowledge in SuperCritical Fluids.

This innovative coating technology enables the coating of small-sized particles and an alternative process enables the coating of nano-sized active pharmaceutical ingredients at room temperature.

We can reach a very limited percentage of coating agent (3%). This new process leads to a reproducible and very thin thickness of coating agent. The mild conditions of the process (room temperature) allow the handling of thermo-sensitive molecules like proteins. Depending on the type of coating agent, the applications can be : protection for APIs combination, taste masking, slow release system…

The other technologies also offered by Pierre Fabre are : nanoparticles and cyclodextrin complexation. Cyclodextrin complexation in SuperCritical CO2 is a Pierre Fabre patented technology mainly used in the bioavailability enhancement of poorly soluble APIs.

Pierre Fabre Medicament - active ingredient division - will be participating in the following events :

  • AAPS, San Antonio, TX - October, 30th - November, 2nd : BOOTH 2371
  • Strategies to Enhance Solubility, Permeability and Absorption of Drugs, Amsterdam, December 12th-13th
  • Drug Delivery Partnerships, Las Vegas, NV, January, 22nd-24th