Based on our know-how in supercritical fluids, we have developed a multi-purpose technology platform. Today, three main technologies are available from development to commercial production: nanoparticles, FORMULPLEX® and FORMULCOAT®.


Enhancing the dissolution rate by increasing the surface specific area of an API. RESS, SAS or PGSS can be used to produce nano or micro-sized particles with a narrow size distribution with a mastered crystalline form.


FORMULPLEX is a cyclodextrin complexation using supercritical fluids. Two processes have been developed and patented to enhance the bioavailability of a poorly-soluble API. FORMULPLEX1® is a one-step process, easy to develop and scale-up. FORMULPLEX3® is a three-step process usually used to reach a higher ratio of complexation.

Compared to complexation in water, supercritical CO2 offers different advantages in terms of complexation ratio.


FORMULCOAT is a taste or smell-masking, API protection or stabilisation, slow release system. Our patented process allows the coating of micro or nano-sized particles at room temperature with no organic solvent. The productivity is the main strength of the process: 2kg of API can be coated in only three minutes.

Pierre Fabre Medicament active ingredient division will be participating in the following events:

  • BioSquare, Lyon (France), 12th to the 14th of March
  • BioPharmos, Monaco (France), 20th to the 21st of March
  • CPhI Japan, Tokyo (Japan), 18th to the 20th of April
  • BIO, Boston, MA, USA, 7th to the 8th of May

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