Pierre Fabre Médicament – SuperCritical Fluids Division will be an exhibitor at DDP 2012 in Las Vegas (25-27 January).

"Drug Delivery Partnerships continues to be THE meeting place to discover new drug delivery technologies, new formulation development strategies." This is why Pierre Fabre Médicament decided to be an exhibitor at this event.

Pierre Fabre Médicament (GMP Supercritical Fluids Unit) proposes to external customers its know-how in supercritical fluids through innovative technologies to treat your API. The patented processes applied can help your development, your lifecycle management, and your formulation…

  • FORMULCOAT: coating of micro or nano-sized particles without use of organic solvent, giving impressive results for taste-masking
  • FORMULPLEX: complexation with cyclodextrin in a powder form, providing impressive enhancement of the apparent solubility of a poorly soluble drug due to the CO2 medium which creates an excellent equilibrium
  • FORMULDISP: stabilisation of a drug in an amorphous state, leading to improvement of bioavailability with a totally dry and stable solid dispersion

These processes, performed with supercritical CO2, are mild and green processes and can be applied even to OTC drugs.

Come and see how these patented processes could be the solution you are looking for. Visit Pierre Fabre Médicament at booth #304 at DDP 2012, which will be held 25-27 January at Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas, Nevada, US.

To plan a meeting, please do not hesitate to contact Bernard Freiss at supercritical-solutions@pierre-fabre.com.