Pierre Fabre Medicament will be exhibiting at the CRS exhibition from 27-28 July 2015 at Edinburgh International Conference Centre in Scotland.

The company, which has developed a division using SuperCritical Fluids, will be at booth #501.

The division proposes its expertise in supercritical fluids to external pharmaceutical laboratories. Its core of expertise is innovative pre-formulation of APIs such as taste-masking, enhancement of solubility and bioavailability.

Processes developed by the Supercritical Fluids Division, include:

  • FORMULCOAT: an innovative green coating process for APIs (taste-masking)
  • FORMULPLEX: process of complexation with cyclodextrins by SuperCritical Fluids
  • FORMULDISP: solid dispersion process using supercritical CO2

The Supercritical Fluids Division also provides custom manufacturing in extraction and purification, cleaning of porous structure and removal of contaminants.

The highlight of the supercritical CO2 unit is that it is GMP-certified as a pharmaceutical establishment and follows the procedure ICHQ7A.