Vetter Pharma-Fertigung announce the launch of a new closure system for pre-filled syringes that will enable a greater degree of safety for users. The Vetter V-OVS NS® was designed for syringes with a staked needle. It features mechanisms to prevent tampering, counterfeiting. The closure system will be showcased at the ISCE in Milan, October 2-4.

The V-OVS NS® fits on a one milimetre long glass-barrel syringe. It consists of a sealing ring and a protective cap of solid plastic with a needle protection element of soft rubber. Removing the cap breaks the seal, indicating that the syringe has been used or manipulated. The cap itself is made of hard plastic, which considerably reduces the risk of injuries from the needle itself.

The V-OVS NS was created by Vetter in response to the needs of patients, medical personnel and the pharmaceutical industry. “It’s a real benefit for all concerned,” says Dr Paul Nelles, Director of Vetter Development Services. “Patients now know that they are receiving the genuine product and accidental injuries with needles will be greatly reduced. It was vital that we think ahead and consult with our customers.” In addition, the V-OVS NS® will allow for faster time to market for pharmaceutical companies, since it complies with anti-counterfeiting regulations.