Vetter pre-filled systems excel in the marketplace thanks to their high quality, efficient production processes and patient friendly designs. This know-how is passed on to Vetter partners, offering them a competitive edge in markets throughout the world. There is the Vetter Lyo-Ject® double chamber ready-to-use syringe, for example, designed to prevent sensitive drugs from degrading in a lyophilized state. One chamber holds the lyophilized substance, while the other contains a solvent. The two substances are mixed immediately before application. This all-in-one concept assures a long shelf-life as well as easy handling. It also means higher yields for the active product ingredient and precision in dosing. Other ready-to-use syringes can be equipped with the V-OVS® seal. This seal maintains the integrity of the product until usage. The data matrix-based Vetter identification system V-IN® traces each individual product throughout the entire production process. Vetter’s innovative systems represent genuine value added for its partners and customers seeking a competitive edge in the marketplace.