Outsourcing processes in drug manufacturing is an effective strategy, especially in challenging times, but finding the right partner is a complex issue. Representatives from the manufacturing and supplying segments of the pharmaceutical industry will therefore be meeting in London on December 1 and 2 to participate the second annual Contract Manufacturing in Pharma 2008.

During the two-day event, industry experts will be discussing such crucial issues as the criteria involved in choosing the right contract manufacturer. Vetter Pharma-Fertigung GmbH & Co. KG of Ravensburg, one of the sponsors of the event, will be offering insights into its own expertise in supply chain management.

“It is important for all the work processes from one end of the value-added chain to the other to be geared towards the customer,” explains Dr. Hermann Piana, key account manager at Vetter. His lecture at the conference, which will be held on 1 December at 3:30pm, will highlight the need for operational excellence and performance auditing.

“In the final analysis, it all boils down to attaining timely delivery and top quality products,” says Dr. Piana.

The key here is integrated supply chain management.
Contract Manufacturing in Pharma is also an important networking event, during which manufacturers and suppliers will have the opportunity to exchange views and information.

“Our industry is developing constantly, quality is becoming more and more important, competitive pressure is growing and regulations are becoming stricter as well,” says Oskar Gold, vice president, key account management at Vetter.

“It is vital for all actors to participate and share their knowledge. That is why we are supporting this industry event and are committed to many others,” Gold adds. Those attending can expect to find practical solutions for choosing a contract manufacturer. A number of aspects must be taken into account, notably cost and services, competence in consulting and development, logistics and protection of company secrets.