Vetter, one of the world’s leading providers of aseptically pre-filled injection systems, has completed the installation of six automatic packaging lines at the company’s new packaging services facility, Vetter Secondary Packaging (VSP).

The Ravensburg-based packaging facility allows Vetter to double its production capacity and provide customers with a variety of state-of-the-art packaging options from a single location.

With the capacity to handle a number of packing operations, including hand-packing, pen assembly, auto-injectors, safety devices, automatic setting of plungers, labelling and blistering, Vetter increases its ability to serve customers by reducing their time to market.

According to Vetter managing director Thomas Otto, VSP fulfils one of the company’s long-term strategies of meeting industry demands and future challenges. He said: “Due to increasing economic and regulatory pressures, secondary packaging is becoming a critical issue for our customers. Vetter’s new facility increases available capacity and enhances the range of services we can provide.

“In addition, it gives us the ability to perform all processes, from support in the early development phase to commercial manufacturing and even secondary packaging, at the highest quality and safety levels.”

VSP features optimal conditions for pharmaceutical finishing, including a classified hygienic manufacturing area boasting the highest quality and safety standards. Designed according to the latest GMP specifications, VSP’s optimal layout and design ensures the best possible protection from mix-ups and contamination and contains ventilation systems and building technology adapted to the climatic requirements of customers’ active substances.

“What makes VSP particularly advanced is the complete automation of all steps on the finishing lines, including labelling, plunger installation, blistering, packing and transport from one station to the next,” said Mr Otto. “Compared with conventional procedures, VSP allows twice the number of systems to be assembled in half the time.”

VSP also includes unique finishing areas for packaging with especially strict cosmetic guidelines. Labelling and blistering are done under laminar flow and kept separate from other finishing processes, resulting in packaging systems that meet the highest requirements for cosmetic purity.

Initial planning for VSP began in mid-2006 and the building was completed in autumn 2008. During the past several months, Vetter has installed six automatic packaging lines, completing the entire project in less than 36 months. Future expansion plans of VSP have been included in the concept and implementation of the new facility and can be carried out without interrupting operations.