Vetter, one of the world’s leading providers of
aseptically pre-filled injection systems, will open Vetter Development Service (VDS), a
technologically advanced customer service facility located in Chicago, US, allowing the company to
provide greater commitment and support toward the product needs of its North American customers. Using state-of-the-art technology, Vetter will be capable of aseptically filling very small quantities of products in the new facility, providing faster and more streamlined product
delivery and customer service. Headquartered in Ravensburg, Germany, Vetter sees the new
facility as a major investment in Vetter Pharma International.

Working hand-in-hand with customers from clinical development through to market launch has
allowed Vetter to develop an ideal mode of delivery for highly sensitive, active ingredients. With
its new location in the heart of the US, Vetter can now process and test small
quantities of materials by bringing the development process closer to many key customers,
enabling greater cooperation at the earliest stages of development and minimising the need to
transport products.

For Vetter’s many North American customers, a shorter time to market will soon be facilitated
by its Chicago location according to Peter Soelkner, managing director at Vetter.

“The opening
of this new cutting-edge VDS facility shows Vetter’s firm, strategic commitment to the North
American market by bringing the state-of-the-art technology to the heart of the US,” said Peter
Soelkner. “The support VDS delivers throughout the entire product development cycle can now
start earlier, and the proximity to our customers will contribute to streamlining the process and
delivering the final product faster.”

Located in Chicago, the new approximately 25,000ft² VDS facility will open at the end of 2009.