Vetter – a strategic partner in the early stages of product development

One of the greatest challenges in the pharmaceutical industry today is to closely match a product’s active substance with its mode of administration. Excellence in the design of application systems and corresponding production processes is crucial to guarantee efficiency in commercial production. Special care has to be employed when handling sensitive substances. Vetter Development Service specializes in supporting the clinical development of products to market launch. Tailoring of the application system to the active substance accelerates time-to-market and maximizes market impact. Experienced in the handling of highly sensitive active substances, Vetter ensures that liquid or freeze-dried active substances can be produced quickly, efficiently and with the necessary care. The process takes place in four major steps, prior to clinical production, pharmaceutical analyses are conducted to assess production feasibility. The second step involves designing an injection system most suitable to its specifications. In the process development, Vetter determines the best methods to commercially manufacture the product and offers capacity to satisfy market-needs. The final stage involves preparing and drafting the documents needed for international regulatory approvals. Consulting Vetter at the earliest possible stage of the drug development process saves time and money and ensures a decisive edge in the market.