Vetter has received certification for its integrated
management system for environmental, health and safety (EHS). The company earned ISO 14001 certification for its environmental management system and BS OHSAS 18001
certification for its occupational health and safety management system. These certifications cover all of Vetter’s European facilities and were issued by the international certification network IQNet following extensive audits.

Auditors assessed how well the EHS programme had been integrated into management and business processes. They also evaluated processes and organisational structures in production and laboratory areas, as well as work safety and waste management activities, among others. Vetter’s results were found overall to be superior to those of similar audits.

Vetter has implemented a comprehensive environmental, health and safety management system throughout the company. It ensures compliance with official regulations as well as supports continuous improvement in environmental, health and work safety. The management system is rooted in the company’s philosophy and organisational structure, which focus on protecting the employee and the environment.

Vetter’s EHS policies are explicit, which employees are trained and required to follow. The system’s organisational structure includes a management-level steering committee, subcommittees and safety officers, as well as onsite medics, paramedics and standby support services. The programme also emphasizes environmental protection; economising on resources such as paper, water and energy; work safety such as decreasing accidents; and healthy working conditions.

Vetter’s environmental focus is reflected in the company’s new centre for visual inspection and logistics located in Erlen, near Ravensburg, Germany, which is nearing completion. The facility will harness renewable energy across the site, including photovoltaic cells, geothermal energy and a block heating and power plant.

“We are working on the sustainable development of our company,” says Thomas Otto, Vetter managing director. “That means linking economy, ecology and social aspects in our daily work and future evolution. Through our management system for environmental, health and safety, we have created vital structures and processes. They range from environmental management officers, ergonomic working conditions and energy-saving production methods, to the recycling of waste. That our system has achieved certification shows that we are on the right path. We will
continue committing our resources to pursuing ever further improvement.”