Gamlen Tableting Partners with HDK Solutions - Pharmaceutical Technology
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Gamlen Tableting Partners with HDK Solutions

Gamlen Tableting Limited and HDK Solutions Limited are working together to drive product development of the Gamlen range of Powder Compaction Analyzers.

Gamlen Tableting has developed and patented a range of powder compaction analyzers and tablet presses. Dr Michael Gamlen, managing director, Gamlen Tableting, said: "We are pleased to announce our ongoing relationship with HDK Solutions Ltd to help us deliver high-quality software solutions and data handling systems for our Powder Compaction Analyzers.

"Through their in-depth understanding of the instruments we produce, HDK Solutions has now become a key contributor in our product development process, helping to drive our ongoing product development effort funded by an Innovate UK grant announced last year."

HDK Solutions Limited provides solutions to the pharmaceutical, smart energy, printing, aerospace and industrial markets, focussing on software, systems, integration and automation.

Henry Kafeman, managing director, HDK Solutions, commented "Over the past year, we have been able to support the development of Gamlen Tableting’s flagship products – the Gamlen D series of advanced powder compaction analyzers – by developing bespoke data collection and analysis software which automatically calculates solid fraction and strain data, and produces Heckel and Kawakita plots.

"We are currently working on our latest concept, Dynamic Powder Compaction analysis, which will give the user a unique insight into both the plastic and the elastic properties of their materials."

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