Pall Corporation and Artesyn Biosolutions to Industrialise Single-Use Technology

Pall Corporation has announced a strategic collaboration between its Biotech business unit and Artesyn Biosolutions, a leading innovator in single-use components and fluid management technologies.

The agreement will encompass a co-development partnership, delivering complete solutions from clinical to commercial-scale of single-use automated bioprocessing systems. These systems will enable the industry to accelerate product development and time-to-market through a fully industrialised and standard platform for current good manufacturing practices (cGMP) manufacturing of biotech and biological products.

The partnership furthers Pall Biotech’s expansion of its Allegro™ single-use solution portfolio from upstream through downstream, and to final filling. Pall Biotech and Artesyn Biosolutions complementary technologies address a major challenge within the biotech industry. Adoption of single-use technology is still growing within cGMP clinical and commercial manufacturing.

Nevertheless, considerable progress continues to be made to reach an industrialised and modular single-use processing approach. The strategic collaboration between Pall Biotech and Artesyn Biosolutions will provide industrial and modular single-use bioprocess solutions, resulting in robust fluid management.

Vice-president and general manager of Pall Biotech Mario Philips explained: “This partnership reflects Pall’s pursuit of innovative earlier stage companies as a way to access advanced technologies. Our vision aligns with industry expectations to enable single-use technologies to reach the status of a fully industrialized solution. With the Artesyn Biosolutions valves and fluid handling technologies, the Pall Allegro solutions, such as the Allegro STR bioreactors, and range of downstream automated equipment and mixers will enable our customers to implement efficient single-use manufacturing lines.”

Artesyn Biosolutions’ founder and CXO Michael Gagne stated: “Our mission at Artesyn Biosolutions is to accelerate the accessibility and capabilities of single-use technologies that increase the availability of life-saving drugs.  We are excited to be working with Pall Biotech and their innovative team of professionals to develop a suite of solutions that enable abundance in medicine”.

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