Pall Corporation Introduces Stax mAx

The Stax mAx clarification platform is a single-use, robust depth filtration solution for the economic clarification of monoclonal antibody cell cultures without the need for centrifugation or process additives.

The platform is optimised to maintain performance as cell density and viability change to minimise the impact of process variability between batches and to deliver a platform that retains a small footprint across a wide range of feed streams with cell densities of up 35 x 106 cells/ml and feed turbidities of up to 3,000 NTU.

The platform applies two stages of filtration, each with two layers of pharmaceutical grade depth-filter media with sequentially finer grades to remove aggregates, whole cells and cell debris. This construction produces a consistent low turbidity effluent with a consistent high throughput even as cell density increases or cell viability decreases.

The same media configurations are available in a number of formats to scale directly from bench-top testing up to large-scale clinical production.

The combination of robust performance, scalability and simplicity make the Stax mAx clarification platform the right choice to accelerate process development and to provide high quality filtrate in a low footprint, economic system.


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