According to LEO Pharma, Ipsen and Grünenthal, driving patient-centric leadership has become a priority as patient input shapes the pharmaceutical industry.

Grünenthal chief commercial officer Alberto Grua supports industry commitments of putting patient needs to the forefront of decision making.

Mr Grua said: "We regard it as our job to better understand the unmet needs of our patients and to provide them with even better products in the future.

"Our goal is to sustainably improve the life situation of patients. That is why we continue to search for possibilities, progress in therapies, collaborations and innovations to reach this goal."

Mr Grua will be joined by Leo Pharma CEO Gitte Aabo and Ipsen CEO Marc de Garidel.

The CEOs will join Barcelona 2015 to demonstrate what patient-centric leadership looks like, and how the industry will evolve based on this emerging paradigm.

The event is the largest commercial gathering of pharmaceutical companies in the world, and will be attended by key players including UCB, Novartis, Pfizer, Merck, Bayer and Sanofi to explore business models, which align patient experience with profitability.

CEOs are required to drive innovation and transformation, while continuing to execute current business necessities and organise a patient-centric leadership.

This will drive the agenda through the entire value chain and ensure every department can embed new practices.

More than 1,000 senior pharmaceutical and healthcare executives will join the CEO panel at the summit, which will take place from 24-26 March 2015.