Enversed Studios provides virtual reality (VR) and immersive media technology ranging from lifelike simulations to interactive installations to aid pharmaceutical marketing and sales.

This creative production studio comprises experienced digital content developers that offer VR content concept development, deployment and distribution.

Enversed Studios’ immersive experiences have a wide range of applications, including VR training that simulate scenarios in an innovative way and VR visualisations that can be used to close the gap between concepts and prototypes.

Enversed Studio's virtual reality (VR) training courses provide visual indicators so workflow can be assessed.
The company's VR platforms have innovative, large-scale multiplayer applications.
Interactive VR experiences such as 360° web tours can easily be rebuilt to other platforms.
Enversed solutions is a VR content developer.
The company develops a wide range of interactive digital environments.
Alongside VR, Enversed Studios develops augmented reality (AR) and other immersive media.
By using a backpack system, users are no longer limited by cables or room-scale VR.

VR can also be integrated into marketing processes, with VR demonstrations of products and services.

VR learning for training and technical demonstrations of pharmaceutical equipment

Enversed Studios develops virtual courses for training scenarios. This service enables groups of people to train at any location via an adaptive, intuitive and interactive environment.

VR training courses offer cost-effective digital components that increase engagement. VR data analytics allow statistics to be highlighted and used to provide feedback during courses.

Digital training scenarios are easily restarted and modified, increasing value and user performance.

VR visualisations for product sales, marketing and design processes

Enversed Studios designs real-time, interactive visualisations. The company can recreate a specific product, environment or service digitally to allow users to interact with it similarly to real life.

The company creates by-products based on these VR models, including high-quality renders, digital flythroughs and 360° images or videos for sharing on social media.

Virtual Reality’s immersive technology creates higher engagement with products and services. It can help raise awareness by letting users view the product online at any angle. These cinematic VR experiences are easy to deploy and share.

Cleanroom training platforms and medical simulations

In a recent partnership with Alpheios and JANS Control, Enversed Studios designed a training programme to teach medical staff how to use cleanroom equipment. The simulation incorporated digital reconstructions of several cleaning tools integrated with special VR trackers for high-performance control.

Enversed Studios’ training programs can be customised to reflect a client’s specific facility and equipment, increasing immersion and educational potential.

Another recent development saw Enversed Studios work closely with PHILIPS to create a VR simulation of the effects of sleep deprivation for an exhibition presentation. The system used a 360° video to deliver the brand’s key message.

About Enversed Studios

From 3D visualisations and interactive training courses to large-scale multiplayer applications, Enversed Studios is a VR production partner from concept to deployment.

The company understands that every technical challenge requires a different approach, and it provides support at each stage of development.

Enversed Studio’s products are designed to optimise marketing strategies, sales and training.

If you are interested in what we can do for you, simply use the contact form to send your business enquiry and the company will get back to you very soon.