Virtual Reality (VR) - Pharmaceutical Technology
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Enversed Studios creates Virtual Reality applications for your business. Virtual Reality is the most realistic way to experience digital media or content.

It’s perfect for experiences in which you want to achieve a sense of presence. While starting in the gaming industry, the benefits of VR have transferred into the wider business sphere. With VR, businesses can create true to life experiences in risk free, cost effective ways. You can find a few examples of VR integration below:


Training is one of the most important applications of VR. Training in VR removes the need to disturb normal business operations for training purposes. In the medical sector for example, VR enables health professionals to practice in a risk free environment that would be impossible in the real world.


VR has an important role in manufacturing processes. Manufacturers use the technology to eliminate the need for expensive, full scale prototypes of their designs. The immersive experience of VR helps manufacturers to take a comprehensive view on alterations, including important safety features.

Data visualization

Virtual Reality makes it possible to display data in 3D displays, which can then be interacted with in a dynamic matter. In VR platforms, users can view, analyse and work collaboratively on their data in their own VR space. Such a customizable approach makes sure that data analytics fulfils the needs of individual businesses. The innovative presentation of data through VR is an important step in discovering insights into business operations and finding potential outliers which need to be addressed.


VR can serve as the perfect tool for analysing customer or user behaviour. VR heat mapping technology has the ability to track a user’s gaze, providing a detailed pattern of which areas or products attract their attention. This enables retailers to test and refine their displays, signage and store layout to maximize consumer experience and spending. VR technology can also be used for shopping purposes. VR stores are never crowded, have highly attentive assistants, and facilitate a highly personalized shopping experience.


The use of VR in construction has a ton of benefits. VR environments enable architects to walk clients through their designs before they have been built, supplying vital opportunities for feedback and alteration. The ability to explore construction plans 1:1 scale through VR also bridges the gap between the real world and a designer’s imagination.

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