Finnish developer and provider of bio-IT solutions for research and biomedicine MediSapiens is a partner of an international consortium aiming to develop personalised medicine applications using integrated genome and other health data.

The consortium was founded and headed by the Competence Centre on Health Technologies of Estonia (CCHT) in the framework of the Competence Centre programme and is supported via Enterprise Estonia.

Along with MediSapiens and CCHT, other consortium members are the University of Tartu Estonian Genome Center (Estonia), Tallinn University of Technology eMedicine Laboratory (Estonia), BioEximi OÜ (Estonia), Duodecim Medical Publications (Finland), and Coimbra Genomics (Portugal).

The first part of the project was known as ‘Assessment of terms for the development of clinically valid and commercially viable personalized medicine products and services’. It aimed to define the personalised medicine products and services the consortium wished to bring to the market, exploring and selecting appropriate business models. Finalised in May, it will be followed by subsequent research and development phases.

To align products and services with market needs and ensure clinical applicability, clinical experts will be invited to counsel the consortium. The project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund via Enterprise Estonia, the CCHT, and its consortium partners.

Chief executive officer (CEO) of CCHT Prof. Anders Salumets said in a statement: "Our consortium has the potential for smooth development and application in Estonia and elsewhere."

CEO of MediSapiens Sami Kilpinen says: "We are very excited to be part of such a strong consortium with an important aim of improving healthcare processes and health of individuals through novel personalised medicine tools.

"The project is excellently aligned with our goals to serve the consumer and professional medical and clinical sectors comprehensively."