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Bio-IT, Digitisation, and Genomic Data Software

MediSapiens develops web-based software solutions to its customers in various pharmaceutical, healthcare, and life science sectors.


MediSapiens develops web-based software solutions to its customers in various pharmaceutical, healthcare, and life science sectors.

The company’s Explorer™ technology platform is a collection of modules and functionalities in database, data processing, and analytics. These industry-tested components enable MediSapiens to rapidly and cost-effecively deliver customised software.

MediSapiens offers genomic, biomedical, and clinical bio-IT solutions, as well as digitisation of bio-businesses, and scientific and data services.

Custom software for bio-businesses and biomedical researchers

MediSapiens offers software solutions based on existing modules and functionalities, resulting in quick, cost-effective, and customised development.

MediSapiens uses its Explorer™ technology platform to build custom Bio-IT solutions based on robust, industry-used technology components.
The company develops pharmaceutical research solutions, which allow exploration and interpretation of complex data in integrated, web-based systems.
MediSapiens' powerful analysis and visualisation tools facilitate interpreting genomic, biomedical, and clinical data.
MediSapiens developed, a full Bio-IT solution for Genoscoper Laboratories.
MediSapiens specialises in bioinformatics and has developed a method for estimating the genetic distances of dogs for MyDogDNA.
Based on the company's extensive data curation, IST Online provides the world’s most comprehensive view of the human transcriptome.

The company also works closely with its customers to ensure a personalised solution, from initial ideas to delivery and maintenance. MediSapiens’ experts in biology, genetics, bioinformatics, and software development helps clients determine a solution, which fully meets their needs and expectations.

Genomic, biomedical, and clinical bio-IT solutions

MediSapiens has integrated massive datasets of genomic, biomedical, and clinical data into a single system, allowing management and import with fast storage and browsing. The interactive web-based user interfaces enable researchers to easily find and interpret data.

The systems have access to curated reference databases, such as fully curated The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) data, which can be quickly and efficiently analysed through intelligent filters, analysis tools, and visualisation options. Data can be flexibly shared with both internal and external users and groups.

Powerful visualisation tools, such as scatter plots, bar charts, gene and target area visualisations, and survival plots enable effective data research via intuitive graphical interfaces.

Permission to all data is guided by powerful access control systems, which ensure correct management of confidential and sensitive data.

MediSapiens can host solutions in its Tier 3 secure server halls and commercial clouds. The company can also maintain customer-hosted solutions.

Digitisation of bio-business

MediSapiens’ integrated Bio-IT solutions help bio-businesses improve connectivity, collaboration, and result delivery. Medisapiens has expertise in digitisation, helping bio-busines customers to improve internal processes and customer experience.

The company develops solutions to replace laboratory systems, emails, spreadsheets, analysis systems, and PDF reports, with result delivery portals and integrated, convenient, web-based data management and analysis solutions. Medisapiens helps digitising processes, products, and services from customer orders to analysis and reporting.

An example of bio-business digitisation is the consumer-oriented dog genetic testing service MyDogDNA. Developer and marketer Genoscoper Laboratories decided to partner with MediSapiens to develop a full Bio-IT infrastructure and solution. Medisapiens created an integrated system, so a visitor of the site can order test kits then access a customer portal presenting interpreted genetic test results. This system also enables data sharing and finds matches for breeding purposes.

Scientific and data analysis services

MediSapiens’ team comprises several biomedical scientists and has worked with numerous scientific and data projects both in the pharmaceutical industry and in academic research.

Medisapiens shows expertise with multiple types of clinical, phenotypic, genomic, diagnostic, and transcriptomic data, and helps customers in demanding data curation and data analysis projects.

For data analytics, IST Online, FusionSCOUT gene fusion detection pipeline, and TargetSCOUT visual snapshots are available, or MediSapiens can develop custom genetic analyses for proprietary and public data. The customised service can also cater to large datasets requiring powerful computational resources.

About Medisapiens

MediSapiens is a company that works with genomic data management, analysis, and visualisation. Clinical, biomedical, and genomic data is increasing at a stunning pace, which is both a challenge and an opportunity for life science researchers and bio-business industry. MediSapiens interprets this data and helps turn it into new discoveries, innovations, and business through digitisation.

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    Identifying fusion genes from paired-end ribonucleic acid (rna) sequencing (rna-seq) data has the advantage that only expressed fusion genes will be found.

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