The ideal partner to bring your product to commercial success, offering a breadth of transdermal innovation from a depth of experience.

Aveva is a global leader in transdermal drug delivery located in the US. The company has an extensive history of providing pharmaceutical partners with fully integrated, controlled-release transdermal products that fulfill unmet market needs or supply high-quality, affordable brand equivalents. By leveraging this experience, Aveva offers a full range of research, development and manufacturing capabilities to produce transdermal pharmaceutical products that can improve the quality of life, usage and compliance rates for patients.

Aveva uses a number of sophisticated technologies to produce proprietary and generic transdermal drug delivery systems that fortify R&D pipelines and enhance compounds by:

  • Enhancing bioavailability via bypassing first pass metabolism
  • Minimizing pharmaco-kinetic peaks and troughs
  • Improving tolerability and dosing
  • Increasing patient compliance
  • Continous delivery

Commercial successes can be found in the following therapeutic categories:

Cadaver skin permeation testing helps determine the feasibility of a compound to be incorporated into a transdermal drug delivery system.
  • Smoking cessation
  • Pain management
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Dermatologicals
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Central nervous system

Approved products:

  • Fentanyl Transdermal Patch (pain) – approved in the US and Canada in 2008
  • Clonidine Transdermal Patch (hypertension) – approved in the US August 2009
  • Clearback Nicotine Transdermal Patch (smoking cessation) – approved in the US, Canada, Korea and Colombia

Customized transdermal drug delivery systems

Our deal configurations are designed for maximum flexibility in accordance with the needs of our partners, and are as unique to each client as our customized transdermal drug delivery systems:

  • Challenge our scientists to perform feasibility studies for transdermal administration of your product using innovative techniques in computer modeling and cadaver skin permeation testing
  • Collaborate with us on R&D for new chemical entities (NCE) and accretive lifecycle management (LCM) of portfolio compounds
  • Capitalize on global opportunities for commercialization of approved products from Aveva Drug Delivery Systems

Overcoming formulation challenges with creative solutions

At Aveva Drug Delivery Systems, we don’t employ just one process in the development of transdermal drug delivery systems. We create individualized systems that are specifically designed for the chemical entity, rapidly and cost-effectively generating unique products to meet specialized needs.

We clearly recognize and understand the need for leading-edge capabilities and innovative technologies in order to open up a growing pool of new pharmaceutical compounds for transdermal drug delivery.