Owen Mumford has unveiled a new addition to its range of automatic injection devices at the CPHI event in Paris.

The Autoject Micro is a new disposable auto-injector that features a patented drive mechanism technology that enables auto-injection in a discreet package.

Owen Mumford business development manager George I’ons said: "Autoject Micro has been developed to make it easier for patients and healthcare professionals to deliver single dose injectable treatments, while also addressing cold store and logistics costs with its smaller form factor.

"Its intuitive design and safety features have been created to address key patient concerns such as needlestick anxiety and adherence, while providing advanced drug delivery capabilities.

"It can be supplied fully assembled with a prefilled syringe or in two parts ready for final assembly."

The Autoject Micro has new features, including a unique lockout mechanism that lets patients use the device in an intuitive manner.The device takes up less space, which reduces storage and shipping costs.

Autoject Micro can be activated, either by the push of a button or on contact. It also conceals the needle before and after use to reduce needle injection anxiety and prevent sharps injury.

In addition, Autoject Micro provides audible and visual feedback with an activation button appearing when the device is unlocked and ready to use.

A protective cap and locking mechanism prevents accidental activation and a large viewing window provides easy viewing of the syringe.

The ergonomic oval shape of the Autoject Micro features a large grip detail on the cap, designed to make treatment easier to administer.

With the introduction of the Autoject Micro, Owen Mumford expands its range of automatic injection devices for the self-administration of parenteral drugs.

These include single dose and multi dose reusable and disposable auto-injectors and pen injectors, which are suitable for a wide range of primary containers, including pre-filled glass and plastic syringes and pre-filled cartridges.