Owen Mumford has unveiled a new addition to its range of medical devices at PDA: The Universe of Pre-Filled Syringes and Injection Devices event in Vienna.

Presented for the first time, UniSafe is a new springless passive safety device that is designed to work with standard, existing pre-fillable syringes.

The UniSafe safety device is designed to enhance user confidence when injecting, eliminating the naturally inherent risks that can be caused by the use of a spring.

UniSafe introduces a number of design features to improve usability, including:

  • An un-obscured view of the prefilled syringe barrel, allowing the user to view the drug and labelling without having to spin the syringe barrel
  • Improved end-user comfort with a larger ergonomic plunger head and optimised finger flanges, resulting in a more integrated look and feel

Owen Mumford OEM business development manager George I’ons said: "Typically, there are two common approaches to developing a safety syringe.

"The first is to start with an existing pre-filled syringe and build a spring driven safety mechanism around it, but this can introduce other compromises to device performance.

"A second option is to design a completely new safety syringe to make a brand new solution, however this would involve the use of an unproven primary container.

"Owen Mumford has developed UniSafe, a springless passive safety device designed to work with standard, pre-filled syringes.

"Therefore, nothing that touches the drug needs to change.

"Because there are no springs or associated casings, the user can clearly see when the dose is fully delivered.

"This then reduces the potential for under-dosing and the further risks this might entail.

"Early formative studies gave Owen Mumford further confidence in the concept, as well as helping further enhance usability.

"It is vital to encourage adherence and help patients effectively self-manage their condition by providing devices that are intuitive and easy to use, for both patients and healthcare providers."