H&T Presspart had announced it will be presenting its components for respiratory drug delivery systems at this year’s Digitalization in Pharma Summit.

To be held in Prague from 15 March to 16 March, H&T Presspart programme manager Dr Benjamin Jung will be delivering a speech entitled ‘Embedded connected metered-dose inhalers meeting requirements for mass adoption’.

The speech will discuss how non-adherence to medication is a critical problem for chronic diseases, especially in association with Asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Dr Jung will present how connected drug delivery systems can help track patient adherence, engage patients to take ownership of their own care and connect patients to their providers and other stakeholders in real time.

Dr Jung will also discuss the various requirements for the mass adoption of these systems and how they can be addressed with embedded solutions.

During his speech, Dr Jung will directly reference a case study of H&T Presspart’s own smart connected inhaler, the eMDITM , which has been developed in partnership with Cohero HealthTM, as a market-ready, fully embedded and connected metered-dose inhaler.

The Digitalization in Pharma Summit will bring together digital innovation and business strategy experts in Pharma to ensure maximum knowledge transfer and professional exchange. It will elaborate on the best practices within the industry and academia, therewith learning about the latest trends on digitalisation in improving end-user experience.