Presspart, a division of the Heitkamp & Thumann Group, has been invited to present at the Chinese
SFDA training seminar in Shanghai, on 28-29 October 2009. The seminar will focus on the
importance of quality control and regulations during filling and production of pressurised metered
dose inhalers (MDIs).

As the world’s leading provider of specialist metal and plastic components to the pharmaceutical
industry, Presspart will present its latest technological developments for manufacturing MDIs to tightly
controlled tolerances that ensure optimal drug delivery performance. The introduction of HFA MDIs
has led to a number of challenges for inhaler manufacturers, but Presspart’s unique, high-precision
deep-drawn metal manufacturing process allows production of canisters from a variety of metal
substrates that are safe for HFA-based formulations.

“Quality is a top priority throughout our organisation,” explained Richard Turner, business
development director at Presspart. “We are totally committed to rigorous control and testing, which is
essential to the pharmaceutical industry, and we are honoured to be sharing our best practice with
the Chinese SFDA.”

Presspart recently presented at the Indian Pharmaceutical Association’s 4th Nasal and Pulmonary
Drug Delivery Symposium on September 17-18 in Mumbai. The event focused on regulatory issues
for companies intending to access the US and European markets for drug delivery devices, and
included talks from leading academic scientists and industry experts in these regions.