Presspart, a division of the Heitkamp & Thumann Group, has launched a new sub-micron plasma process for coating and treating the internal surfaces of pMDI canisters. Presspart plasma coating and Presspart plasma treatment offer solutions for problems with deposition of drug suspension on the canister wall and can also improve drug stability performance.

Deposition of the active content of a drug formulation on canister surfaces is a long-standing problem with some MDI products. This ultimately leads to a reduction in the drug content in the formulation, resulting in the patient receiving less than the prescribed dose. Presspart’s plasma technology can improve the surface energy performance of a MDI canister, thus reducing deposition. It can also improve the stability of some formulations where interactions with the aluminium substrate can lead to product degradation and reduced shelf life.

Presspart has developed a plasma process specifically to meet the requirements of the pMDI market and has scaled-up the process to meet the high volume demands.

Julian Hemy, director of global sales, comments: “We’re very excited to be launching the Presspart plasma technology. Plasma-processed canisters will make a big difference to the performance and stability of drugs delivered through pMDIs. We are looking forward to presenting this new technology at the Inhaled Drug Delivery conference in London on 9 and 10 November.”

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