Heitkamp & Thumann Group’s Presspart has appeared on the market, wearing its new logo.

The logo says H&T Presspart and has been used since 15 March. General partner of the Heirkamp & Thumann Group and chairman of H&T Presspart Peter Schmelzer said: "With the addition of H&T, we underline Presspart’s membership of the Heitkamp & Thumann Group and the strategic importance of H&T Presspart for the Group."

The new logo will not result in any operative changes for customers and business partners. The legal company names, addresses, and contact data, including telephone, fax, and e-mail addresses will remain the same.

The update follows a change to the organisational structure of the Heitkamp & Thumann Group implemented at the beginning of the year. The H&T Presspart companies are now one of two divisions within the group.

General Partner and CEO of the Heitkamp & Thumann Group Christian Diemer says: "As in the past year, in 2016 we are also planning to make more than 40% of our company group investments in our fast-growing H&T Presspart companies.

We are planning to make a significant part of this year’s H&T Presspart investments in developing competences in the area of metered dose inhalers (MDI), an application for the medical treatment of respiratory diseases."
H&T Presspart already supplies pharmaceutical industry customers worldwide, with canisters and actuators. In future, the division will provide actuators with integrated dose counters if required. They show the patient the current fill level of the metered dose inhalers. This considerably reduces the risk of an MDI unexpectedly reaching the end of its life in a critical situation.

All H&T Presspart’s MDI products are distinguished by their extremely high reliability, with respect to the release of the drug. This makes a key contribution to alleviating and combating a patient’s respiratory complaints.

The products are currently manufactured at three locations: H&T Presspart Blackburn (UK), H&T Presspart Marsberg (DE) and H&T Presspart Tarragona (ES). The counters are produced and assembled under licence by Presspart companies in Marsberg and Tarragona.

In the coming years the current European production capacities will also be complemented by manufacturing facilities and sales offices on the American and Asian continents.

Peter Schmelzer says: "We want to meet the increasing demand for our innovative products in Asia and USA, as well as Central and Latin America, in a better and more flexible way."