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Auto Injectors, Pen Injectors and Inhaler Systems

SHL is a world-leading solution provider in design, development, and manufacturing of advanced drug delivery systems.

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SHL is a world-leading solution provider in design, development, and manufacturing of advanced drug delivery systems.

We also offer core competencies and services in the fields of Medtech and patient care solutions.

We work with leading biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies to develop drug delivery devices, including compact disposable auto-injectors, reusable pen injectors, and complex inhaler systems.

These devices use standard pre-filled syringes and cartridges, as well as novel primary containers.

Research, Innovation, and Design

SHL has always invested significantly in research and development. The investment has especially intensified over the past ten years, allowing us to upgrade our broad pipeline of next-generation drug delivery devices.

These innovative devices include advanced reusable and disposable injectors that can be enhanced through digital implementations and can accommodate high volume and high viscosities. Our investments have strengthened our support in the advancement of drug development and digital healthcare.

In-House Manufacturing

SHL, as a renowned, high-quality, high-volume manufacturer, is ranked among the top global producers of drug delivery devices. Central to our success is the vertical integration of key manufacturing capabilities to ensure quality and time-to-market.

Developing drug delivery devices in-house allows us to customize existing platforms in our pipeline or develop completely new bespoke devices based on the unique requirements for our clients.

  • Tooling: advanced in-house tooling centre for drug delivery devices
  • Moulding: extensive range of moulding solutions
  • Automation: customised assembly and testing equipment
  • CNC machining: high-precision CNC machining centres
  • Metrology: precision inspection of product components and equipment parts
  • Assembly: semi-automatic and fully-automatic assembly solutions

Final Assembly, Labelling and Packaging

SHL provides final assembly, labelling and packaging services of drug delivery devices to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

These services were established to streamline the production and distribution process for our injection products so as to bring improved end-product quality and faster time-to-market to our clients across the globe.

By integrating an additional piece of the supply chain, we offer a fully comprehensive experience for our customer’s drug delivery products.

  • Device and primary packaging characterization
  • Final assembly of auto-injectors or pen injectors
  • Labelling and secondary packaging and/or kitting of assembled devices

Commercialization Solutions

SHL’s international team of dedicated professionals work round the clock to ensure that customer expectations are met and final products are delivered at optimum quality and speed. We provide a comprehensive range of services to meet our client’s project requirements:

  • Quality system: ISO13485- and FDA 21 CFR 820-compliant systems
  • Regulatory and compliance: support for regulatory life-cycle management
  • Intellectual property: comprehensive strategy to safeguard SHL IPs
  • Project management: dedicated professionals to ensure success of customer projects
  • Global supply chain: scalable storage and customizable global shipping strategies

About SHL

With locations in Taiwan, Sweden, Switzerland, and the US, and a global staff of more than 5,000 employees, our experienced engineers and designers develop product enhancements and breakthrough drug delivery solutions for clients globally.

As SHL is determined to provide the most comprehensive range of solutions and services, we maintain all key capabilities and processes in-house to ensure the best quality and time-to-market.

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Products & services

  • Molly® 2.25

    A large volume variation of the classic Molly® auto-injector, the Molly® 2.25 is designed to accommodate fill volumes up to 2.25mL.

  • Molly® RNS

    An ultra-compact auto-injector that is ideal for convenience and portability.

  • Bertha®

    A highly versatile auto-injector that can accommodate a wide range of fill volumes and liquid viscosities.

  • Rotaject® Technology

    A constant-force technology that allows the delivery of highly viscous formulations of up to several hundred centipoise.

  • PPI®

    A multi-use injector with a 2.25mL glass syringe that is reusable up to 200 times.

  • Safelock™

    A safety syringe designed with an automatic needle guard that allows the needle to be permanently hidden throughout the injection process.

  • SDI MIX® + NIT®

    A dual-chamber auto-injector paired with SHL's NIT® (Needle Isolation Technology) and a simple Twist & Mix mechanism.

  • VSDI® + NIT®

    A cartridge-based auto-injector built with SHL's market-proven NIT® (Needle Isolation Technology), the VSDI® + NIT® is compatible with cartridge volumes from 1.5mL to 3mL.

  • Maggie®

    A cartridge-based solution built with SHL's market-proven Needle Isolation Technology (NIT®).

  • Madie®

    An adjustable, multi-dose pen injector with a 3mL cartridge. The device includes an advanced reset feature as well as a dial-back dose correction.

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