Dürr Environmental and Energy Systems has developed a new environment-friendly recuperative thermal oxidiser under its TAR brand. The Ecopure® TAR oxidiser, generation IV with controllable primary heat exchanger and new TARCOM burner technology saves a significant amount of fuel energy and operating costs, achieves better emission levels and has a longer service life thanks to lower combustion chamber temperatures.

At this year’s 7th Dürr Open House, all six business units of the Dürr Group presented themselves to the interested international public with innovative technologies. The in-house exhibition takes place every two years at Dürr in Bietigheim-Bissingen and this year’s motto was “Efficient use of energy and resources”.

Professional visitors from the industry were able to convince themselves of the benefits of the fourth generation of Ecopure TAR oxidisers offering new and significantly improved features in comparison with their predecessor models and considerable added value to customers: better performance thanks to an innovative reaction chamber design, a more effective air directing system, improved heat exchangers and better thermal insulation.

The Ecopure TAR process, designed for air volumes between 2,000Nm³/h to 40,000Nm³/h, is generally suitable for systems with secondary heat recovery and is extremely cost-effective for exhaust air with medium pollution levels. With the Ecopure TAR oxidiser, the combustible organic and inorganic pollutants contained in the process air are oxidized at temperatures of around 700°C.

The most interesting feature of the new TAR generation IV. It is available with a controllable heat exchanger, where the outlet temperature can be varied by as much as 80°C. The usual method, to control the outlet temperature by partly opening the hot bypass, is no longer applied. So this is the first time that the process air is controlled to stay in the reaction chamber for the full residence time, and this means that exhaust emission levels are better and more stable in daily operation. Due to the variable operating point of the oxidiser, the outlet temperature of the TAR can, for example, be reduced to save energy without having a negative effect on the clean air quality!

The generation IV TAR oxidiser is equipped, as a standard feature, with an extended version of the TARCOM V burner that has been available for just under two years. Exclusively for the new TAR oxidiser, the burner is equipped with an insulation box with integrated thermal protection system. It reduces the surface temperatures on the burner exterior significantly, which in turn helps to reduce energy usage.

The clean air qualities that are achievable with Dürr’s TAR oxidizer always meet legal requirements, and emission levels are often even well below statutory limits. If customers would like to raise the bar by introducing an even better environmentally sustainable and resource-saving production process, they have the option of buying a low-emission package to improve their clean air quality well beyond the normal standard.