Dürr is successfully expanding its environmental technology business in the BRIC countries. In close cooperation with customers, Dürr’s Environmental and Energy Systems business unit has recently completed several projects for the coating industry in Russia, Ukraine, Brazil and China.

The plant engineering sector is faced with special requirements in the BRIC countries. For example, the climatic conditions are more extreme, i.e. equipment installed outdoors must be able to resist extreme cold or humidity. Moreover, legal directives and environmental regulations are quite different.

Thanks to many years of experience, proven quality and close cooperation with customers already in the project development stage, Dürr is familiar with these requirements and capable of meeting them. When pollutant concentrations are high, the Ecopure® TAR thermal oxidiser is the best air treatment solution. Dürr recently supplied and installed four such units in Russia and the Ukraine. Special challenges such as the use of PVC plasticisers, the integration of existing thermal oil systems and extremely cold temperatures at the location where the equipment is installed are no problem at all for the TAR.

TAR oxidisers made by Dürr operate with a so-called vortex burner, which uses the oxygen for combustion of pollutants out of the exhaust air, and has a turndown ratio of 1:4 on air side. Hence the TAR is also suitable for varying exhaust air volumes.

Another key benefit of Ecopure TAR oxidisers is that the thermal energy generated for pollutant combustion can be recovered and used in the customer’s production facility. So Dürr pollution control technology is an immediate contribution to reducing energy costs. When the stack temperature is lower than the temperature of the polluted air from the production facility, then these abatement units will be able to achieve a positive energy balance. This means that customers can regain more energy from the facility than the amount of energy invested for heating the TAR burners in the shape of natural gas. Therefore the energy requirements of the production line concerned can be completely covered.

From planning through to commissioning of TAR oxidisers with a waste heat system (thermal oil, exhaust air and hot water heat exchangers) – Dürr is a competent partner to all customers. Dürr experts will also integrate the abatement system in the production facility and will take care of inspection and service work. The construction of some 1,100 TAR oxidisers in the last 35 years and the experience gained from this is self-explanatory.