ZETA is thrilled to announce that it has recently signed contracts for the acquisition of shares in the Swiss company CB Consultancy. As part of this agreement, ZETA acquired a 20% share in CB Consultancy, the deal has been closed by 14 July 2023.

The path of newly developed compounds from the laboratory to preclinical phase and early clinical GxP production, followed by scaling up the manufacturing process to industrial scale, to market launch in secure routine production facility is a complex challenging process for the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. Risk and complexity management in manufacturing biopharmaceutical products are central challenges confronting companies in this industry.

As an engineering specialist for biopharmaceutical process plants, ZETA relies on the cooperation with the experienced engineering specialist CB Consultancy, which successfully proves its know-how especially in the initiation of projects. An innovative joint approach from which all companies in the industry can benefit.

Joint engineering know-how for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries

CB Consultancy is renowned for its professional services in planning, construction management, and operation of industrial facilities in various sectors, including pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, chemicals, analytical and scientific service providers, and the med-tech industry. Their esteemed clientele includes Takeda, Novartis, Johnson & Johnson, and Sinopharm.

“The cooperation between CB Consultancy and ZETA has proven its worth since 2013,” explains Andreas Marchler, Managing Director ZETA Group, and continues, “Building on this strong foundation of trust and successful collaboration, CB Consultancy and ZETA have decided to further deepen their cooperation through this share acquisition.”

Mastering the challenges of the future together

Through this partnership, both companies aim to leverage their respective skills and expertise in project execution. By combining their strengths, ZETA and CB Consultancy work closely together in project initiation and execution, focusing on conceptual optimization within the project lifecycle.

ZETA and CB Consultancy look forward to continuing their successful partnership, as they jointly strive to provide exceptional services and innovative solutions to their clients in the industry.