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End-To-End Solution Provider for the Pharmaceutical Industry

ZETA specializes in designing, constructing, automating, and qualifying customer-specific aseptic production systems, while also acting as an EPCM contractor for major pharmaceutical projects.


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Aseptic Process Solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industry

The ZETA Group is an end-to-end solution provider operating globally and specialising in the design, construction, automation, digitalisation and qualification of customer-specific biopharmaceutical systems for aseptic process solutions.

From lab to fab: GMP-compliant scaling

The path of newly developed active substances in the lab into the preclinical phase and in early clinical GxP production, followed by scaling of the manufacturing process to industrial scale, through to market introduction in secure routine operation at the production facility is a complex and challenging process for the pharma and biotech industry. ZETA accompanies this entire active substance development and manufacturing process with comprehensive services and offers solutions for the construction, scaling and upgrade of production equipment.

Continuous improvement

ZETA provides support after commissioning of the process equipment through targeted ramp-up as well as service and maintenance along the entire product lifecycle. True to the principle of continuous improvement, ZETA guides customers during process and system optimisation as well as operator training. ZETA’s aim is to achieve a 100% batch success rate.

Time to market – up to 50% faster

As EPCM contractor, ZETA manages major, high-complexity pharma projects and specifically reduces interfaces—from the planning and construction of the process system through the cleanroom design up to the technical building infrastructure.

ZETA offers consulting and contract work in the areas of planning and engineering, process development and optimisation, smart engineering, qualification services, verification and validation, the installation of piping and equipment.
ZETA´s hybrid systems combine Single-Use and Stainless Steel components in one facility. ZETA is a global pioneer in the engineering of hybrid systems.
ZETA´s smart engineering services, in particular, the advanced software tool environment and the applications based on the digital twin, are used to generate the highest possible value to customers.
ZETA engineers and builds customized aseptic process solutions for the pharmaceutical industry, such as bioreactors and fermentation systems, downstream systems, preparation systems, pure media systems and CIP and SIP systems.
ZETA designs 100% customizable bioreactors and fermentation systems starting from 10l to 30.000l for the production of active ingredients.
ZETA is your specialist for magnetic sealed agitators. The services ZETA provides include design calculations for specific processes as well as CFD simulations for critical mixing applications.
ZETA provides best-in-class kLa measuring methods. Benefits i.a.: measurement in real time, free choice of process parameters, adaptability to different gassing systems, optimised agitator geometry, improved quality and safety.
ZETA develops and implements automation concepts for liquid aseptic production processes.
In ZETA´s own R&D department innovative products and cutting-edge technologies are developed. Successful developments have been e.g. bottom-mounted magnetic agitators for xxl fermenters, modular bioreactors, and top mounted vessel agitators.
Expertise in technical building equipment is of utmost importance in cleanroom design. ZETA is a one stop shop for cleanroom design and employs its own team of experienced HVAC engineers.

This design-build approach accelerates the project execution time by up to 50% and leads to creation of value earlier in the customer’s capex projects. In doing so, ZETA provides an active contribution to the rapid market introduction of vital active ingredients and patients benefit from earlier availability of pharmaceuticals such as anti-cancer medications, insulin and vaccines.

Fully integrated digital value chain

In the field of digitisation, ZETA’s fully integrated digital value chain—from engineering through qualification and operator management—has established the company as an innovation driver in the pharma and biotech industry.

Together for a sustainable future in the pharma and biotech industry

ZETA is also actively taking steps towards a more sustainable future for the entire industry: Holistic decarbonisation strategies that reduce targeted emissions during the biopharmaceutical manufacturing process are integrated with sustainable energy sources for the power supply of the entire infrastructure and investment scenarios in renewable energy are evaluated using profitability calculations.

Your reliable partner for pharma and biotech projects:

  • EPCM contractor
  • Plant engineering
  • HVAC, cleanroom and BMS/EMS design
  • Automation
  • Digitalisation
  • Qualification
  • Maintenance and upgrades
  • Research & Development
  • Decarbonisation strategies

White Papers


  • Fast Track Project

    The ZETA Group, with 1,000 highly qualified employees and 17 subsidiaries worldwide, specializes in planning, automation, digitalization and maintenance of customized biopharmaceutical facilities for aseptic process solutions.

  • Magnetic Agitators

    The big advantage of magnetic agitators is the complete separation of the interior of the tank from the outside.

Press Releases

  • Rockwell Automation Welcomes ZETA as an EPC Partner in its PartnerNetwork™

    Rockwell Automation (NYSE: ROK), the world’s largest company dedicated to industrial automation and digital transformation, today announced a strategic collaboration with ZETA, a global end-to-end solution provider for the pharma and biotech industry. Recognised as an expert in customer-specific project delivery, the ZETA Group excels in developing comprehensive automation concepts, ranging from engineering and design to full implementation and execution of independent stand-alone units with standard software to complete process control and Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES).

  • Internationally Active ZETA Group Acquires a Stake in Biotree, India

    The biopharmaceutical market in the Asian region shows enormous growth potential. The internationally active ZETA Group has established itself as an end-to-end solution provider for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries in this dynamic environment. With its majority interest in the Indian engineering and plant construction specialist Biotree, ZETA has intensified its development of the Asian market. Local companies benefit from the high quality of their service and performance portfolio.

  • Vital Blood Plasma Production More Than Doubled: Major Project by ZETA Group

    Blood plasma forms the basis of many life-saving therapies and is also an important building block for future active ingredients in medical research. As the general planner for Octapharma, ZETA implemented an industry-leading EPCM project resulting in the doubling of plasma throughput at the Vienna, Austria, manufacturing site.

  • Bioprocessing Partnership for Future of Food and Feed

    Swiss Bühler Group today announces the formation of a new joint venture with Austrian pharmaceutical and biotechnology company ZETA. The new company, Eridia, will engineer food and feed biotechnology plants primarily in the fields of precision fermentation and cellular agriculture.

  • ZETA USA: A Rising Champion in Biopharmaceutical Aseptic Processes and Automation for North America

    The pharmaceutical industry continues to grow rapidly due to increasing demands for innovative process solutions, full-scale automation, and new manufacturing technologies. To meet this increasing market demand, ZETA, the biomanufacturing facility design expert, established its North American engineering hub in Greater Philadelphia in August 2021, providing ultra-fast-track project delivery. Today, ZETA USA announced it is well established and actively implementing US-based and multi-national projects for leading pharma and biotech companies.

Products & services

  • Engineering

    ZETA offers consulting and contract work in the areas of designing and engineering, process development and optimisation, smart engineering, qualification services, verification and validation, the installation of piping and equipment, and individual maintenance packages, all with a comprehensive customer care policy.

  • Digital Transformation

    Drawing on its experience in the management of major pharmaceutical projects, ZETA offers new digitalisation strategies, which reduce complexity by effectively using digital process data.

  • Hybrid Systems

    ZETA’s hybrid solutions are state-of-the-art and stem from smart engineering concepts that combine single-use-technology (SUT) with traditional stainless steel components.

  • Bioreactors and Fermentation Systems

    ZETA designs customised bioreactors and fermentation systems for the production of active ingredients from cell, yeast and bacterial cultures. The process methodology may be batch, fed-batch or continuous.

  • Downstream Systems

    ZETA supplies customised downstream systems for production, processing and refinement, as well as purification and compounding of biotechnological products.

  • Preparation Systems

    Based on many years of experience and profound process know-how, ZETA offers customised preparation systems for liquid-aseptic parenteral and oral products.

  • CIP / SIP Systems

    An absolute necessity for sterile biopharmaceutical processes is the ability to perform complete and documented cleaning and sterilisation procedures for all parts of a production system.

  • Magnetic Agitators

    The primary advantage of magnetic agitators is the complete separation of the interior of the tank from the outside.

  • HVAC and Cleanroom Design

    ZETA possesses expertise in technical building equipment, cleanroom technology and process technology all under one roof. Our service portfolio encompasses cleanroom planning, the development of energy-efficient solutions for HVAC and utilities, energy-driven process enhancement, and the formulation and execution of decarbonisation strategies. We prioritise the production process and its unique demands, ensuring a harmonious alignment between the process facility and technical building equipment.

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