Hybrid Systems

ZETA’s hybrid solutions are state-of-the-art and stem from smart engineering concepts that combine single-use-technology (SUT) with traditional stainless steel components.

Hybrid solutions draw on the benefits from both worlds: High flexibility and reduced set-up times provided by SUT meet sturdy stainless steel components better suited to withstand process conditions (high pressure, temperature, centrifugal forces, etc) and are also easy to automate.

ZETA is a pioneer in hybrid design

ZETA is a pioneer in the design, engineering, automation and fabrication of customised SUT hybrid systems. The customer has a free choice of the adequate automation system.

ZETA engineers highly sophisticated hybrid plants for industrial production, interconnected and cross-functional. Well-designed engineering concepts enable integrated production processes and allow for the highest degree of process safety and reproducibility.

Customised hybrid solutions

At ZETA, it is common practice to provide individually customised solutions for each project. This not only applies to the integration of new single-use equipment into existing production plants and the exchange of individual components, such as TCUs, gassing stations, stirrer engines and drives but also to the engineering and construction of peripheral stainless steel pipes and equipment.

This means that single-use technology can leverage existing infrastructure and utility supply. The hybrid systems are considered a “maturation” of single-use technology and pave the way to manufacturing according to GMP standards.

Combined know-how for hybrid systems

ZETA combines all of this interdisciplinary expertise in its team and draws on many years of expert knowledge and experience in designing, engineering, construction and automation of hybrid solutions.

Advantages of ZETA’s Hybrid Systems

  • Highest degree of process safety
  • Reproducibility
  • Customised solutions
  • Manufactured according to GMP standards

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