In its cooperation with selected long-term trusted partners, ZETA can draw on the combined know-how of 45 top engineers who cover the full range of building services engineering issues, including the Building Management System (BMS) and the Environmental Monitoring Systems (EMS).

At ZETA, the HVAC team cooperates closely with the project engineering and project management teams and also with the automation experts, each one of them making vitally important contributions to each project phase.

The HVAC team is involved in each project phase

In the course of the feasibility study, ideas are scrutinized for technical feasibility, while all the economic issues and objectives are evaluated and risks and opportunities analyzed. ZETA’s HVAC team provides expertise for all project aspects: from changing the equipment and modifying the building services up to and including the construction of new production facilities in the framework of greenfield projects. The result of this feasibility check analysis is a precise project plan for the next steps in the project.

Concept design then adds structure to the ideas. A flow diagram for the production process is drawn up, and the required space is defined in layout plans and 3D model studies, which also include personnel and material flows. The layout freeze (i.e. the definition of the process architecture) is the moment where supporting systems, including media supply and HVAC, and consequently the building itself, must be defined. In the course of concept design, the HVAC engineers check the reserves or limits of the current systems or provide efficient integration of suitable HVAC technology in new plant concepts.

All the requirements to be met by contractors and cleanroom systems are defined in the project planning phase (basic design). Sound space management needs to be ensured, from a very early stage, because the space in suspended ceilings and shafts is usually limited.

The process engineers then continue with the design of fine details before construction can begin. After the project planning phase, the HVAC team hands over the design plan to an execution partner and coordinates the plant and assembly planning, and later the implementation in the further stages of the project.

ZETA as a one-stop-shop

ZETA is available as a general contractor, with overall project responsibility for quality, cost, time and EHS aspects, to companies in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. ZETA’s focus is on the process itself, as the core business of the company is the planning, design and automation of process plant and the associated media supply equipment. With its teams of HVAC, EMS and BMS experts, ZETA can now draw on comprehensive planning expertise all under one roof. This helps to prevent critical interfaces and facilitates precise fine-tuning of cleanroom technology and processes.

ZETA benefits:

  • One-stop-shop
  • Own team of HVAC experts
  • Fast project execution
  • Many years of experience