ZETA possesses expertise in technical building equipment, cleanroom technology and process technology all under one roof. Our service portfolio encompasses cleanroom planning, the development of energy-efficient solutions for HVAC and utilities, energy-driven process enhancement, and the formulation and execution of decarbonisation strategies. We prioritise the production process and its unique demands, ensuring a harmonious alignment between the process facility and technical building equipment.

Addressing Complex Challenges through Synergies

At ZETA, clients in the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors find a single, proficient point of contact, benefitting from reduced interfaces and swift project execution. The key to our success lies in consolidating various disciplines under one roof, operating in cohesive efficiency. Our team includes process engineers, biotechnologists and automation experts, as well as civil engineers and specialists in building technology and cleanroom technology, including ventilation technology, building control technology and monitoring.

In-Depth Understanding of Production Processes

Early consideration of specialised indoor air quality criteria is pivotal during the planning and construction of building service equipment and systems. This necessitates a thorough grasp of individual production processes and their respective cleanroom concepts. National and international standards, laws and guidelines, including the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Guidelines with their standardised documentation, as well as operational standards, must be consistently applied in every instance. Establishing a seamless connection between process technology, cleanroom technology, and building technology expertise is vital for result-oriented production environment planning, efficiently managing interfaces across these disciplines.

ZETA offers services as an EPCM contractor

Pharmaceutical and biotech companies embarking on projects can engage ZETA as a general planner, entrusting us with end-to-end responsibility for quality, cost, time and EHS aspects. Our core focus on the production process involves designing, constructing and automating process plants, alongside media supply equipment. With our in-house planning disciplines including HVAC, EMS, and BMS experts, we eliminate critical interfaces and ensure precise alignment of cleanroom technology with the process.

ZETA’s Expertise in Technical Building Equipment

  • Cleanroom technology
  • Heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems
  • Supply systems
  • Building control and GMP monitoring systems
  • Building Information Modelling (BIM)
  • Energy optimisation and decarbonisation strategies