Downstream Systems

Downstream Systems

ZETA supplies customised downstream systems for production, processing and refinement, as well as purification and compounding of biotechnological products.

Beginning from heterogeneous input materials, ZETA’s systems apply the most advanced processes and techniques to achieve the highest possible product yields.

ZETA ensures that customers are not dependent on specific manufacturers of consumables, giving the customer more flexibility and better options for cost efficiency in the production processes.

High level of automation

ZETA develops semiautomatic filling solutions with container traceability and solutions for automatic equipment recognition at different docking points.

Features and services

ZETA is an all-in-one provider of services; from engineering (concept, basic, detail) through construction to qualification, automation and maintenance of downstream systems.

Customer Benefits:

  • Vertical integration
  • 100% customised
  • High process reliability and safety of operators
  • Design independent of manufacturers
  • Out-of-the-box solution


ZETA supplies equipment for packing and testing columns, slurry tanks and pump systems with the following features:

  • Compact and mobile layout
  • 100% deaeration / freedom from air bubbles
  • Mixing of buffer systems including online/inline dilution
  • Integration of diverse instrumentation
  • Constant flow rates
  • Number of inlets and outlets can be defined freely
  • Flow rates from 0.5 l / min – 100 l / min


ZETA supplies systems for deep-bed filtration as well as ultra, dia and nano-filtration. Depending on the customer’s requirements, these can take the form of compact, mobile units or large-scale stationary systems. ZETA offers filtration systems with the following features:

  • Modular design
  • Smallest dead volume
  • Continuously scalable flow rates
  • Compact and mobile systems
  • Permanently installed / stationary large-scale systems

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