ZETA offers consulting and contract work in the areas of designing and engineering, process development and optimisation, smart engineering, qualification services, verification and validation, the installation of piping and equipment, and individual maintenance packages, all with a comprehensive customer care policy.

ZETA is also a one-stop-shop for cleanroom design and employs its own team of experienced HVAC engineers.

ZETA services

  • Customised solutions for challenging markets
  • In-house know-how laboratory testing / workshops / mechanistic understanding of processes
  • Flexibility (scope of design phase) / dynamic design process as a shared development path
  • Combination of pilot and product tests, a plant with multiple products at different volumes

Customer Benefits

  • Deep / mechanistic understanding of processes
  • In-house know-how for laboratory testing
  • Successful project execution based on extensive experience with many production plant projects
  • Experienced in product development and manufacturing of active ingredients

Concept Design

ZETA supports customers from the earliest stages of the process and plant design. The company analyses project goals, the requirements of the process and the needs of the operator. Experienced project engineers convert these into specific solutions and specifications, which, in turn, form the basis for the further design phases and project planning.

Basic Engineering

In the basic engineering phase, the results of the concept design phase are developed further into a design of a specific project, laying the foundation for an efficient and successful project.

All requirements for the processing system and its ancillary systems (the building and its technical installations and utilities) are refined in the basic engineering phase and designed in accordance with regulations, standards, process requirements, usability and ease of maintenance.

At every stage, ZETA bears in mind the feasibility of every feature of the design. Design is also carried in compliance with the regulations of the FDA and EMA and the principles of GMP and QbD.

Detail Engineering

In the detail engineering phase, the results of the basic engineering phase are further refined and specified.

The design of the whole system and all its individual components is worked out in detail in close consultation with the customer. This customer-oriented design work is what ensures that the customer’s requirements are fulfilled exactly. The products of this phase are all the documents needed for the construction and installation of the system.

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