Glass cartridges are frequently incorporated into diabetes pens and dental injection systems. Nipro PharmaPackaging cartridges meet the high-quality requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. Depending on your drug product requirements, eNable, eNhance, or eNgage cartridges will be the optimal choice.

Our cartridges are supplied in three distinct Quality Levels, each meeting specific drug product requirements:

  • eNable (drugs for dental applications)
    • Optimised processability for reduced TCO
    • Safe integration into dental injection devices
    • Camera inspection of key cosmetic attributes
  • eNhance (highly sensitive drugs, insulin, biotech)
    • Reliable integration into pens
    • Excellent drug-container compatibility
    • Pristine cosmetic appearance
  • eNgage
    • Highly customised cartridge specifications that exceed the present quality levels

Broad range

  • 8 ml | 3 ml
  • Ceramic printing
  • Double chamber

Quality Systems

  • ISO 9001 | ISO 15378 | ISO 14001 | ISO 50001 | ISO 45001