MCC SANAQ® UL-002 is a purified and partially depolymerized cellulose whose chemical and physical identities meet the international standards of microcrystalline cellulose (Ph. Eur / USP-NF). Its unique properties makes it a highly compactible binder.

MCC SANAQ standard types are known for the use as fillers, binders and blasting material for tabletting, be it for wet and dry granulation or for direct compression. MCC SANAQ is also used as filling material for hard gelatine capsules.

This new type of microcrystalline cellulose, MCC SANAQ® UL-002, has a very low bulk density compared to other types of microcrystalline cellulose and a different particle shape .

MCC SANAQ® UL-002 has a similar particle size distribution as the PH 101 type but a unique low bulk density of 0.13g/m3 – 0.23g/m3 that increases the compactability of the powder mixture.

Based on its enlarged surface, MCC SANAQ® UL-002 shows excellent compression characteristics. Compared to standard types of MCC, the tablet hardness is multiplied at the same compression force.

MCC SANAQ® UL-002 is used:

  • For higher drug loading
  • To increase the tablet hardness
  • For smaller sized tablets
  • To reduce the compression force
  • For pressure sensitive APIs, pellets and granules
  • For compression problems with standard MCC formulations